Are you living in what Marla Scilly, aka The Fly Lady, calls CHAOS? (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Well then, join the club there are thousands, perhaps even millions of us!

I have struggled with organization in almost every area of my life for, well, my entire life. By starting this blog I hope to encourage others that they too can get and stay organized!

While it will probably embarrass my children for me to air the dirty laundry here, in full color photos, if it helps just one person along their own journey to getting organized and staying that way, it will have been worth it!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Bedroom before I did anything
Well since I have been concentrating so hard on the outdoor work of course the house is a train wreck. But today is grey and rainy and I happen to have a day off, so I'm working indoors 15 minutes at a time.

Here's the bedroom before I did anything. Two weeks ago when the weather turned cooler I pulled out the boxes of winter clothes and there they are, still sitting there....

Now here it is after just one 15 minute session; looking a LOT better, don't you think?

bedroom after one 15 minute session
bedroom after one 15 minute session
bedroom after one 15 minute session

I learned about the magic of 15 minutes from Marla Cilly, aka The Fly Lady. Her book Sink Reflections chronicles her journey out of CHAOS and gives you loads of help so you can do the same.


  1. I have to keep my kitchen sink clean because FlyLady said so... I think working in 15 increments really works well. I normally find that I work longer, but then that's good because at least I got something done!

  2. I'm a huge fan of FlyLady. She has made such a difference in our home! One tiny comment, her name is Marla Cilley (not Scilly)

    I'm enjoying your blog, especially the before and after photos. It is amazing what can be accomplished in just one or two 15-minute sessions.

    -- Linda Zed
    FLYing since 1999