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I have struggled with organization in almost every area of my life for, well, my entire life. By starting this blog I hope to encourage others that they too can get and stay organized!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Decluttering in the Kitchen, part VI

ants on fridge
ants on the edge of the door of the fridge
I noticed the other day that there were some little piss ants on the fridge the other day but I was busy and didn't pay them too much attention.

But then today when I opened the freezer door to see what was holding up the ice from the dispenser I realized that there were a LOT of ants.

The culprit seemed to be this basket of stuff up on top. mmmmm. The little piss ants had discovered the open bag of cough drops. So I dumped most of the stuff in the basket (it was more than a year old anyway, vitamins and medicine) and washed everything down.

These were the really tiny little ants that don't seem to bite. Some people call them sugar ants because they are always after sugary stuff. Did you know they smell like lemons when you smoosh them?

So now the outside of the fridge is about as clean as it is going to get. When this one croaks and I buy another one, I will probably buy a smaller one; I don't need a fridge this big and I could use a better freezer arrangement. That water & ice thing is handy but it sure takes up a lot of space in the freezer.

I also know that I will never again buy an appliance with a textured surface. Who the h*ll thought that up any way? I know it certainly wasn't the lady of the house who has to wash it! Even with a scrub brush you cannot get all the gunk out of that texture!

Why couldn't they leave well enough alone and give us a nice smooth finish like washing machines  have?

I looked at several other refrigerators and there was one a bit bigger for not too much of a bigger price, but of course the thing had a textured finish. This has a stainless smooth finish and while I don't really like the look of stainless this might be the only option to textured.

BTW, if you live in AZ and have APS electric service, they will pick up  your old fridge AND give you $30 for upgrading. Some restrictions apply, go to the APS website for more information.


  1. Magic Erasers work awesome on fridges! The DG brand is just as good as the name brand, too.

  2. Thanks Becky! I'll have to put that on my list and try one out.