Are you living in what Marla Scilly, aka The Fly Lady, calls CHAOS? (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Well then, join the club there are thousands, perhaps even millions of us!

I have struggled with organization in almost every area of my life for, well, my entire life. By starting this blog I hope to encourage others that they too can get and stay organized!

While it will probably embarrass my children for me to air the dirty laundry here, in full color photos, if it helps just one person along their own journey to getting organized and staying that way, it will have been worth it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eureka! (Vacuums that is)

I love my Eureka vacuum cleaner with a bag. I have never bet a bag less vacuum that I liked at all. Who came up with that idea any way? Without a bag, when you go to empty the silly thing up comes a big cloud of dust all over. Not healthy to breathe at all. So I will never buy a bag less vacuum cleaner. I have an older model Eureka that does a great job on everything I put it to.

To the left is a newer version of my Eureka and when mine gives up the ghost I will probably buy one like this. It has some newer features mine doesn't have. Like a special attachment for vertical cleaning without getting dust and dirt in your eyes; I like that idea!

Well today's 15 minute session was in the kitchen. First I swept up all the loose chunky stuff that I could get to and then put my old Eureka to the test. It got up quite a bit of the stuck on mud and things are looking a little better in there. Just don't look on the back porch.

So here is my old work horse going at it in the kitchen. There was enough dirt that I had to change the bag soon after starting (it wasn't all from the kitchen tho, it was just time to change the bag).

And here's when I left off after 15 minutes. Some more sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are in order, but not today.

Early this morning while it was still fairly cool I worked on the ditch on the hill. Spent most of the day in front of the computer. I had intended to go back and work some more on the ditch this evening when it cooled off, but my son showed up and he helped me finish clearing the culvert in creek. We realized that the water was high enough that it was actually coming over the top of the crossing and some water had been running right down my driveway. That is  a bit scary because that is a huge amount of water backed up. I'll have to be really keeping an eye on things and get the culverts cemented in ASAP, with a little overflow channel in case this happens again.

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